Click on Apps button on the navbar to go to the application page to create an app.
Click on Create App button to open app configuration sidebar.
Here, enter AppName and Service endpoint URL fields.
  • AppName: Name of your app. i.e. PetShop App
  • Service Endpoint: Url at which your app is running.
Make sure your mobile app is also connected to the same network as the mobile app need to hit the service endpoint url.
If you are not planning to develop registration page then skip the "Advance configuration" section and hit Create button to create an app, else read the next section for advance configuration.
Basic app configuration
Choose the schema (i.e PetShop Credential) from the dropdown and fill mail server configurations. Finally, hit Create button to create an app
Optional advance app configuration
Upon successful creation, you will be download hypersign.json file which is the configuration file which you need to use in SDK. Optionally you can read the next section to understand what contains in the hypersign.json file and do they mean.
Now that you have created the configuration file, you are ready to implement SDK. Read the SDK section for implementing SDK of your choice.
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