Node Js

In this tutorial, we will see how a developer can integrate Hypersign Authentication protocol in his node js project to provide secure passwordless authentication to his user.

How does it work?

  • The app developer integrates the Hypersign SDK with his nodejs project:

    • Server Side

      • Initialise instance of Hypersign using Hypersign Auth JS SDK.

      • Expose Authentication API using hypersign.authenticate() middleware.

      • Protect any resource using hypersign.authorize()middleware.

    • Client Side

      • Implement code snippet to display QR code on the login page

  • Now the user will download Hypersign Identity Mobile wallet and register himself.

    • Upon registration, he will get HypersignAuthCredenital which he can use to login to websites which supports Hypersign authentication.

  • For the detailed flow of protocol please visit protocol section.

Watch the demo on Youtube and follow the steps to integrate Hypersign in node js project.