Federation simplified
Federated in identity and access management is an arrangement that can be made between multiple enterprises to let employees use the same identification data to obtain access to the applications of other enterprises in the group. \
A very common protocol to achieve federation is SAML 2.0. Virtually all of the cost of SAML 2.0 Single-Sign-On projects are labor-based. Costs often are unplanned and grow to become excessive as companies underestimate the scope and complexity of a SAML implementation. An enterprise might have to spend anywhere from 2-12 weeks, or 80-480 working hours, to deploy an initial SAML implementation. This is certainly a problem for small and medium enterprises.
The Hypersign simplifies the process of federation using verifiable credentials. At the initial step, a verifiable credential is issued to an employee by Org1. The Org2 supports credentials issued by Org1. Employees use this credential to authenticate themselves to the IDP of Org2 . The Org2 verifies the credential by connecting with the Hypersign network and allows the employee of Org1 access services of Org2. \
Take a look at the figure below.
This way any enterprises get a very cost effective, integrable in minutes, scalable and decentralised IAM system which has top of the line features like passwordless authentication, Single Sign On, Federation etc.
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