Developer Dashboard
A web portal for developers to create apps
Go to developer dashboard portal in your web brower and login using Hypersign Auth Credential in your Hypersign Identity Wallet. If you do not have Hypersign Identity wallet, make sure to install our Android app from the Google playstore and get the credential.
On successful login and if you are a new user, you will be asked to subscribe to a plan. Choose your plan and click on Dashboard button in the navbar, you will land into the dashboard page where you can see profile details, number of apps, authentication counts etc.
It is the right time to take the decision, which way you want to proceed; whether you want to implement registration page or not. If yes, read the Schema section next or skip to the Application section directly.
You might have noticed, you need NOT to fill registration form in the Developer Dashboard portal. Well, that's because the Developer Dashboard portal implemented Hypersign Authentication without registration.
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