Community Pool Spend Proposal

Proposal Structure

This proposal requires information to be passed in a JSON file as follows:

  "title": "<Proposal Title>",
  "description": "<Description of Proposal>",
  "recipient": "<Grant Recipient's Blockchain Address>",
  "amount": "<Grant Amount>",
  "deposit": "<Deposit for proposal>"


  "title": "Grant: Community Spend Proposal",
  "description": "Community Spend Proposal",
  "recipient": "hid10vxwt3k9hdtp38q9x27zlpe4fhq7fwqe3xc226",
  "amount": "10000000000uhid",
  "deposit": "100000000uhid"


  • Run the following to submit a community pool spend proposal:

hid-noded tx gov submit-legacy-proposal community-pool-spend "<path-to-proposal-json-file>" --from <key-name> --yes

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