Blockchain Node Upgrade

Proposal Structure



Name of the Upgrade


Title of the proposal


Description of the proposal


Height at which node upgrade should happen


Deposit for the proposal (in uhid)

Submitting Node Upgrade Proposal

  • Run the following to submit a blockchain node upgrade proposal:

hid-noded tx gov submit-legacy-proposal software-upgrade <Proposal Name> \
--title "<Proposal Title>" \
--description "<Proposal Description>" \
--upgrade-height "<Blockchain Height at which the upgrade should occur>" \
--deposit "<Deposit for the proposal>" \
--chain-id <Chain ID> \
--from <wallet-address> \

Steps for Node Upgrade

If the Software Upgrade proposal is Passed, then following steps are needed to be performed in order to upgrade your node.

  • Download and Install the latest binary.

  • Create the following directory structure

mkdir -p <hid-node Config Directory>/cosmovisor/upgrades/<Proposal Name>/bin

Note: Make sure that <Proposal Name> matches exactly with Upgrade Proposal's name. Please note that Proposal Name is different from Proposal Title.

  • Copy the latest binary to the newly created directory

cp <Update Binary Location> <Binary Config Directory>/cosmovisor/upgrades/<Proposal Name>/bin
  • At the the proposed height, the upgrade would take place automatically.

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