Developer Dashboard

Manage your application and API keys and start building your identity product on our infrastructure

Register Application

Navigate to Entity Studio Developer dashboard and login. You will land on your dashboard.
Developer dashboard
Upon login, click on +Create button to register an application.
App registration form
Fill basic details like application name, description and allowed origins and hit Save button to register your brand new application.

API Secret Key

API secret Key
Upon successful registration, an API secret key will be generated for your app. You may use this API secret key to generate access token to access all SSI APIs. Read more about it in authentication section.
Make sure to copy and save API secret key securely. If lost, this key can not be recovered. However, you can regenerate a new one.
Regenerate a new API secret by clicking on this icon

Edit / View Application

Click on Edit icon of your application's card.
Right slider will pop up. You can edit few details like name, description, CORS etc or view other fields.


Encrypted Data Vault Id
TODO: Link to the security section
Allowed Origins (CORS)
TODO: describe about CORS
Wallet Address
Read network fee section for detail
Now that you have generated your API secret Key you can either go through our API documentation and start coding or jump into the SSI API playground to play around with SSI APIs right before coding. Optionally, if you want to get hands with concepts of the Self sovereign identiy (SSI), you can checkout SSI playground for that.