Transfer funds

Make sure you are running hid network in your local machine before proceeding with this document.

Running one-node local hid network

When you run the hid-node, a validator account get setup and it keep getting reward. So, lets first find out that account and use that account as a source account or sender account.

List all accounts.

➜  ~ hid-noded keys list --keyring-backend test
- name: my-account1
  type: local
  address: hid1kdql8dwr2njma3g6fyfr9tavw20l84w45wpgaq
  pubkey: '{"@type":"/cosmos.crypto.secp256k1.PubKey","key":"A7Hk/VV1J2l+VEh10DUxtemzR3y5UB8bwXt0DGg79BsE"}'
  mnemonic: ""
- name: node1
  type: local
  address: hid1qm40ngul9h0hrm4kjxdjktfekhvk4t0jjk7vft
  pubkey: '{"@type":"/cosmos.crypto.secp256k1.PubKey","key":"AqVU3YfzrOUIMpJEacdJMPDn34g0HxqrsmrG55r8dwVX"}'
  mnemonic: ""

node1 is the first account which has balance and be used as a sender of the the transaction.

Send amount from one account to other

Create a new account called my-account1and lets send balance from account node1 to my-account1 and then finnally check balances.

hid-noded tx bank send <source-addr> <destination-addr> <amount> --keyring-backend test --chain-id hidnode
  • source-addr: senders account address

  • destination-addr: receiver account address

  • amount: amount in uhid. This value must be suffix with text 'uhid'.

1 hid = 10^6 uhid


➜  ~ hid-noded tx bank send hid1qm40ngul9h0hrm4kjxdjktfekhvk4t0jjk7vft hid1kdql8dwr2njma3g6fyfr9tavw20l84w45wpgaq 100000000uhid --keyring-backend test --chain-id hidnode

confirm transaction before signing and broadcasting [y/N]: y
code: 0
codespace: ""
data: ""
events: []
gas_used: "0"
gas_wanted: "0"
height: "0"
info: ""
logs: []
raw_log: '[]'
timestamp: ""
tx: null
txhash: 94F01A41D22E44ABD2D44B553D428B5D1C5AE10078F5E01BD3AA446AD2EC9A71

Now you can check the balance of receiver account.

➜  ~ hid-noded q bank balances hid1kdql8dwr2njma3g6fyfr9tavw20l84w45wpgaq
- amount: "100000000"
  denom: uhid
  next_key: null
  total: "0"

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