Verifiable Credential

Please generate access token before proceeding. Once you generated the access_token, you can pass this token as bearer authorization token in the header for all APIs.

Issue a verifiable credential

An issuer may issue a verifiable credential to a subject using this API. The credential document is signed by issuer's identity key and its status is registered on the blockchain.

Entity Studio SSI API base URL:

NOTE: A developer may choose to store the verifiable credential in application's data vault securely or they may not to. Pass true for request body property persist to store the credential document, false otherwise.

Verify an issued verifiable credential document

A signed verifiable credential must has signature of the issuer. Any one may verify an issued credential document. The verification result state the following facts:

  • This document was issued by intended issuer

  • This document have not been tampered

  • This document have not been revoked

NOTE: Verifying a credential document is different than verifying a verifiable presentation. Verification result of later, also states that "Only intended subject holds this document and not one else".

Fetch a verifiable credential and/or its status by Id

Pass false value to parameter retrieveCredential to only retrieve status of the credential

Fetch list of verifiable credentials

Update credential status of a verifiable credential

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