The Hypersign Blockchain Network is the heart of the Hypersign identity ecosystem. The network is primarily used as a single source of truth of, public information such as public key, service endpoint and so on.
Although verifiable credentials are not stored on chain [not even in the encrypted form], actors can connect to the network to verify other actors. The tamperproof nature of the network provides a guarantee about the public data it holds. Furthermore, the Hypersign Blockchain network is also used to incentivize actors, using its native coin - HID, who run and manage the network infrastructure.
Hypersign is a hybrid blockchain network built based on the AeTernity Hyperchain protocol. The Hypersign identity network has the Proof Of Stake (PoS) consensus algorithms, but relies on Aeternity’s Proof Of Work(PoW) main network for providing security, hence hybrid.
Read more about this in our whitepaper.
In the next section, lets see how and why blockchain is being used in Hypersign ecosystem
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