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Passwordless - Say No to username and passwords forever

Hypersign is built using cryptographic key-pairs and neither username nor password is required for any kind of access.

Say No to MFA

The Hypersign answers questions about all three:
  • “What I know?”: The private key store in mobile wallet.
  • “What I have?”: The mobile device.
  • “Who am I?”: The biometric fingerprint.
There is no need to use any other factor since Hypersign answers all three questions.

Easily integrable with existing IAMs

Hypersign can easily be integrated with legacy centralised IAM systems to port them into decentralised passwordless authentication solutions.

Cost Effective

Hypersign being a decentralised system, doesn’t just bring a secure and scalable IAM system, but also helps to reduce the overall cost of IAM drastically which is well suited even for small and medium enterprises.

One click registration and login

With Hypersign, no need to fill registration forms anymore. The verifiable credentials sharing enables enterprises to quickly onboard an end user without asking them to fill any form.

Frictionless UX

No need to manually enter any credentials like username and password at the time of login. A user can login in just by scanning a QR code or just by clicking a button. Single factor mechanism of Hypersign enhances the usability even more.


Hypersign enables service providers to verify credentials without interacting with the IDP. This helps to reduce the load from the IDP system and makes the whole system modular to scale.

Partial data sharing & Minimal Data exposure

Hypersign provides the ability to the end user to share data only what is required. Now it is possible for an end-user to share partial data with a service provider. They need not share the entire documents and fear data leakage. \
Furthermore, Hypersign offers using ZeroKnowledgeProof based verification where users can share the proof of data they hold without revealing the actual data set. For example, in order to tell a service provider that a user is an adult, a user can just prove that he/she is over 18.
In the Hypersign ecosystem, a user gets full control of his/her. They get the ability to hold their credentials in user-agents which only they have access to. Moreover, the end-user can decide to whom and to what extent they want to share their data and it all happens with the user consent.
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