Submitting Community Pool Spend Proposal

This proposal requires information to be passed in a JSON file as follows:
"title": "<Proposal Title>",
"description": "<Description of Proposal>",
"recipient": "<Grant Recipient's Blockchain Address>",
"amount": "<Grant Amount>",
"deposit": "<Deposit for proposal>"
"title": "Grant: Community Spend Proposal",
"description": "Community Spend Proposal",
"recipient": "hid10vxwt3k9hdtp38q9x27zlpe4fhq7fwqe3xc226",
"amount": "10000000000uhid",
"deposit": "100000000uhid"

  • Run the following to submit a community pool spend proposal:
hid-noded tx gov submit-proposal community-pool-spend "<path-to-proposal-json-file>" --from <key-name> --yes
  • Query the list of proposals
hid-noded q gov proposals
Proposal IDs start with 1, which means that the first proposal submitted on chain, would have the proposal ID, and subsequent proposals will have their ID incremented by 1.
  • Run the following to vote on the proposal
hid-noded tx gov vote <Proposal ID> <Vote=(yes|no|abstain|no_with_veto)> \
--from <wallet-address> \
--chain-id <Chain ID>
  • You can check the status of the proposal
hid-noded q gov proposal <Proposal ID>
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