Faucet (testnet)

Testnet (Jagrat) faucet bot
You may earn testnet (jagrat) tokens from Jagrat faucet bot. Join the jagrat-faucet channel on our Discord server and simply request token for your wallet.

Requesting Tokens

Request token from the bot by using the following command.
$request [your-hid-wallet-address] jagrat
$request hid18tzg64ur6t60denq4p0vyzvwt64ghuh8ck9rxx jagrat
The bot will reply with the transaction URL:

Checking balance

You can also check your balance by using command:
$balance [hid prefixed address] jagrat
$balance hid1huham4mh7zt2nmha4cmy9rrwc5a7zfykthudpz jagrat
The bot may reply with the wallet balance:
Optionally, you can check your balance on the Hypersign Explorer as well.